Here are 7 amazing things you should know as a corp member

In this article, we’ll be looking at 7 key points amongst others to maximizing the opportunities during the service year to be fully prepared for the post-service year.

Copper Wee!!!

There are countless opportunities that can bring empowerment.

One of the objectives of the NYSC scheme I’d like to share in this article is

“to acquire the spirit of self-reliance through self-employment”

After some years on campus here’s another one-year opportunity to compel tremendous results of a purpose-driven life. This article will cover things to note during the NYSC year and how to prepare for the post-service year.

Well to some great minds NYSC isn’t worth it or it’s likely a waste of time but kindly note that this scheme has been one of the most helpful programs for the Nigerian youth. Some find their partners, business network, got to meet friends who studied different courses with different grades, tourism, save money to start a business, etc…

Instead of scrapping the program, it will be better to modify the structure so it fits into the current times in order to adequately prepare the youth to strive better in the challenging economic situation.

However, while it last here are a few things you should consider to make it a wonderful and resourceful adventure. Regardless of your financial background or exposure, this article covers those who are all dependent on the NYSC allowance and those whose upkeep is more than the NYSC allowance.

Without further redo let’s get started into the points with practical ways to engage in them:

1. Unlearn to Learn: sometimes we build comfort around what we have known and experienced over the years. It’s important to understand that there is always new or even existing knowledge that is yet to be known to conquer more grounds. Learning to unlearn to learn is important to utilize the year which can become the best resource to leverage after the service year. Engage yourself in character building there’s more than you have known over the years. Learn from the NYSC staff, the community, SAED programs, CDS group, etc… Successful billionaires aren’t built around luck there is such an effort they put in to unlearn to learn new strategies to make more money.

Here is a list of free online courses with certification that can spice up your CV or resume:

Google digital skills for Africa





Get tech skills for the purpose of working from your home as an additional stream of income.

2. Start a business or own a startup: it’s advantageous to have the resources needed to put up a business of your choice but when it’s not all available please start with what you’ve got. Study the environment you’re currently serving at and find solution(s) to problems because definitely there are countless problems that need solutions that can become a business or a startup. You could also find an existing solution, repackage and resell it with new features. Looking at the economic situation in Nigeria one may say it’s hard to save money to start a business but not in this technological era where 95% of Corp members have smartphones. Your start-up or business can act as a middleman where you bring buyers and sellers together using social media tools such as Facebook, Whatsapp, Instagram, Twitter, etc… This doesn’t require you to have money. Go ahead make deals with store owners around and help them to reach more audiences with an agreed discount on every successful purchase. Please let no excuse come as regards to putting up an added stream of income. This will serve as a source of income and platform to leverage upon after the service year.

3. Engage in Community service & Place of primary assignment: You would have noticed what’s missing in the environment. start the initiative to come up with a solution and talk to the leaders of the environment on how to get it fixed without much budget. You could be an advocate for SDGs or volunteer services around. Make an impact and leave a legacy in your place of primary assignment. This always turns out to become a means of employment or recognition through awards and connections that can be of great advantage during and after the service year.

More so in some cases, it gives some sense of fulfillment knowing fully well that a particular goal was achieved through you. If your place of primary assignment (PPA) is willing to retain you for some stipends please kindly accept it while you source for bigger offers. Straight outta this current location of service is not for everyone.

4. Build your CV and start applying for jobs or scholarships

FlowCV is an online platform tool you can use to build a resume or CV. As a Corp member, it’s of utmost importance to have a well-garnished CV for different kinds of jobs. Add skills and professional certifications during the service year. We’re going into an era where organizations prefer to have one person who can cover three roles just to save the cost of running the organizations which ideally shouldn’t be but it’s the way of economic and enterprise management. Make good use of professional platforms like LinkedIn where companies come to search for workers with their desired skillset. For scholarships, educational and career guides Dr KC mentorship platform can be of great help.

5. Utilize your smartphone (it’s also a stream of income): There are countless opportunities one can engage in using a smartphone. A smartphone can open up more streams of income. How? Simple Google how to make money using a smartphone and see the results for yourself to know which best you can handle within your free time. Your smartphone can be used as an office for your business or start-up idea. For example, you can help people to get flight tickets on Tisivia, sell airtime, sell data, run ads for business on social media tools, use canva app to do designs, use plotagon to make custom animation for businesses, stock exchange, forex, etc..

6. Network! Network!! Network!!! (Get connected to friends for the purpose of lifting) you could be the lifter or the one who will be lifted. One of the things to note about networking is that successful billionaires patronize themselves. It’s hard to find someone rolling in $billion trying to purchase items in the market. This is because they already have friends or family members who deal with such businesses they’d need in their networks. Imagine being a fashion designer during your service year and someone close to you becomes influential you’ll eventually become the designer for such person and all those in the person’s network. That’s millions already. Yea!!! Wealth isn’t difficult it’s a matter of choice and decision. Your friend can be a business partner or can recommend your service when it’s needed. Please advertise your skills and do not be shy about it. Anyone who jokes with your skillset isn’t supposed to be close to you as a friend.

7. Nation-building is everyone’s business and not the government alone: Probably this should have been the first point but trust me some persons will immediately close the article. Smiles… In a little research during service year, I’ve conducted about great countries some youths intend to relocate to is that they were built by the citizens and not the leaders of the country alone. It’s absolutely okay to lay claims that the leaders are responsible for the nation-building but that’s a load too much for a specific set of people to handle.

Nation-building is a national burden. Yes!!! It is. As you serve begin to look at the possibilities of empowering the communities and the nation at large. If every youth takes this responsibility of nation-building as everyone’s concern Nigeria will be among the best countries in the world. Quote me anywhere. There’s a level of dominion the citizens of this country possess outside the country how much more when those potentials are invested into the country.

In summary, face the fear of failure and criticism, know your purpose on earth, act on it and obtain peace for your existence. Dare the things you fear most that will lead you to fulfill your purpose and become a channel of hope to many.

The goal of this article is to also emphasize that post-camp depression is a choice. Even if you came across this article two weeks to passing out parade it’s not late to start. Act with immediate effect.

Thank you for reading, please do share with other Corpers let’s get to empower each other with this awareness.

Twitter: @alemsbaja


Below are some links to books you should have on a to-do list to keep developing yourself. It could be one book per week, month, quarter, or a year depending on your reading pattern but please ensure you’re making progress on learning.




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Alemoh Rapheal B. Enike

Alemoh Rapheal B. Enike

Software developer | information professional | librarian | writer

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