The King of Birds

The Path of an Eagle : the valuable pattern for champions

Alemoh Rapheal B. Enike


Hello, trust you’re doing great. In this article we’ll be looking at the way of an eagle: a valuable pattern for champions. We grow by continuous learning and practicing thanks for stopping by to read this article.

An Eagle is one of the strongest birds, highly skillful and dramatic with agility. It’s the king of all birds. It occasionally flips its wings to counter the currents. The eagle is one of God’s noble creations.

The features used in this article were obtained from different species of eagle family such as sea eagle, golden eagle, Russian eagles etc.

During the research to put up this article I noticed that most great men if not all at one time studied and applied several skills of an eagle more notably is the context in which it’s ways are been used to explain God’s work with His people in the Bible.

The ways of an eagle are worthy of emulation because they’re part of the major reasons why it is the strongest birds. It’s eagerness, zeal, curiosity, agility, tenacity, wildness, use of brute force, mentorship, insight etc.

Below are few amongst many ways of an eagle:

Agility: the attribute of quickness and swiftness in motion with alert. When an eagle locates its prey it doesn’t spend time on the ground or water it quickly moves up in motion with great strength holding the prey closely while it soars into the sky and heads towards the cage. As individuals it’s paramount to act swiftly in motion after hitting a set goal.


Powerful: uses brute force in preying and fighting. The Eagle doesn’t fight with its prey on the ground. While flying higher into the sky it uses its wings to beat the prey and hit it on a sharp rock. The use of power is important in achieving set goals but with wisdom. The Eagle is not intoxicated with power but it uses it to prove its agility, stamina and balanced posture. Take an enemy out of its zone of strength and bring it into your where your power is swifter to be used.

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Supreme hunters: no matter the circumstances an eagle doesn’t starve. Even in the winter season where the river becomes ice it uses its clown to pierce the ice and bring out a fish. It’s paramount to possess a supreme hunting skill in life in order to scale through challenges.


Neatness: the eagle excretes far from its nest to keep it clean. Your resting place should be treated with honor and kept clean from pollution. A neat and good resting place improves creativity and performance.

Insight: performs an in-depth study on how to prey or secure its terrain. An eagle takes precautionary measures through its sight and great vision at all times from heights. It first takes analysis of how to achieve a goal within a short time without losing focus and been hunted. It literally has a map on its head on the several paths to take when descending and ascending that’s why it’s difficult for it to collide with any object during its course.


Retreat: in some facts and ancient history an eagle is said to withdraw itself to a high mountain where it spends days plucking out its feathers and waiting until new ones grow out. It knocks off its own beak by banging it against a rock, plucks out its talons and then feathers. It’s a strategy for it to renew strength, become stronger and agile to prey, fight and ascend higher. Notably also is that this exercise increases its lifespan. Taking breaks from schedules to run a maintenance check for upgrade is a one of the ways to remain re-launched into the affairs of life with renewed strength and capacity.

Diligence: the nest of an eagle cannot be blown away by wind because it diligently finds materials to build it up. It breaks the branches of trees to build its nest. It gives much regard and attention to its activities. Smaller birds even nest on the underside of the nest as a result of the diligence applied to it. Strong foundations are diligently built. If a foundation cannot carry others it’s not strong enough. Over the years the nest grew to a point where the weight can make the tree collapse. For nursery purpose it lays grass inside of the cage. Not every matter requires the same approach.

Mentorship: An eagle has a pattern of breeding the eaglets so they can conform to the expected standard of living. In some historical facts, an eagle is said to destroy the cage no matter its height in order for the eaglets to discover their abilities to fly and overcome fear. The Eagle keeps a close watch on the eaglet and bore it on the wings when it’s getting tired. Also, when the eagle gets food for the eaglets it butchers the catch into smaller sizes. After some days it upgrades the catch to a bigger size (like a small rat). The consumption of this catch welcomes the eaglet into the stage of fending for itself. The Eagle purposefully goes away for a long time as usual and returns without a catch to starve the eaglet in order to help it generate the zeal and eagerness to fend for itself. A hungry man is an angry man. The eaglet under hunger while protesting for food suddenly discovers it can swing its feathers. It does this for a while and finally fly-out to hunt for food. Mentorship is an important part of our modern society. Parents or guardians as the case maybe are the first mentors of a child.

If no one has indicated interest in mentoring you to fulfill purpose, constructively and wisely find and choose one.

Love challenges: Eagles are the only birds that love confronting the storm. Eagles soar into the storm and use the wind of the storm to rise higher within seconds while other birds flee from the storm and hide its boldness. They use the pressure of the storm to glide higher without having to exercise their energy. Conquering challenges gives energy to soar higher in life. Greatness is simply a track record of conquering challenges.

In this article we looked at several ways of an eagle which depicts its lifestyle that makes it an outstanding bird with effective and efficient performance and creativity. It’s important for us to learn and practice these ways.

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